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Our next seminar is in Honolulu, Hawaii on the 28th of January!

Our SAN JUAN seminar date has changed to February 7th & 8th.

Our one mission has been to create ‘a single source’ that combine your regulatory compliance responsibilities with products and services.


We take pride in our continued support to individuals and their companies, as they navigate the evolutionary regulatory landscape of current and constantly changing Department of Transportation Hazardous Material, (DOT), the Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous Waste, (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health, Worker Protection, (OSHA) regulations.  Whether it be for their own compliance or 1000s of their employees.

Our products and services, can be used to identify and simplify the mandatory DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation, EPA Treatment Storage Disposal Facility, EPA Hazardous Waste Generator Disposal and the OSHA, GHS Hazardous Chemical and First Responder Hazardous Substance executives, managers and their personel, compliance and training responsibilities.

We have labored for almost 50 years to provide you with, not only the flexibility of individual agency compliance, but more importantly the more complex, overlapping, multi-agency products, services, and certifications often required.


We stand ready to make ourselves accessible now, directly and in a personal way to guide you through your difficult and often misunderstood mandatory regulatory responsibilities, now and in the future.

However, we feel that it is not only our unique ability to provide our customers, customized hands on material, training and free support, to insure that they possess the proper tools, to carry out these critical job functions, but our ability to provide them the proper training, testing and certifications regardless of their company’s regulatory responsibilities under DOT, EPA and OSHA, that does not just make us ‘the leader” it our field, but the “only ones” covering not just one, but all of these exciting, confusing and constantly changing regulatory fields.


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