Our one mission has been to create ‘a single source’ that combine your regulatory compliance responsibilities with products and services.

We take pride in our continued support to individuals and their companies, as they navigate the evolutionary regulatory landscape of current and constantly changing Department of Transportation Hazardous Material, (DOT), the Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous Waste, (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health, Worker Protection, (OSHA) regulations.  Whether it be for their own compliance or 1000s of their employees.

Our products and services, can be used to identify and simplify the mandatory DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation, EPA Treatment Storage Disposal Facility, EPA Hazardous Waste Generator Disposal and the OSHA, GHS Hazardous Chemical and First Responder Hazardous Substance executives, managers and their personel, compliance and training responsibilities.

We have labored for almost 50 years to provide you with, not only the flexibility of individual agency compliance, but more importantly the more complex, overlapping, multi-agency products, services, and certifications often required.


We stand ready to make ourselves accessible now, directly and in a personal way to guide you through your difficult and often misunderstood mandatory regulatory responsibilities, now and in the future.

However, we feel that it is not only our unique ability to provide our customers, customized hands on material, training and free support, to insure that they possess the proper tools, to carry out these critical job functions, but our ability to provide them the proper training, testing and certifications regardless of their company’s regulatory responsibilities under DOT, EPA and OSHA, that does not just make us ‘the leader” it our field, but the “only ones” covering not just one, but all of these exciting, confusing and constantly changing regulatory fields.

Our vision

To offer our current and future portfolios of products and services in the simplest, newest, fastest and most accessible ways, based upon your needs and requests, on company smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, for your manipulation, dissemination, presentation and pontification. We have come to see that decisions have long-term consequences, accessing and distributions of information quickly to a large group of personnel, in different departments, and different locations is the key to total regulatory compliance. To continue to nurture this regulatory compliance community in real time. It is not only our vision, but we feel, our responsibility, to present our products and services on different and evolving media platforms, blogs, website participation, digital compliance material, webinars and online consultations. Then as we move forwards, depending on time and resources, we will expand our efforts into other manufacturing and service industries under similar multi-goverment agency regulatory hardships; like the construction, medical and high tech manufacturing industries.


“Great job! I teach this general class and no matter what I do, people look dizzy. But you gave us resources to apply the information and simplified the process and consolidated the resources. Invaluable.”
— Heather, Chicago IL


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Robert Keegan


After joining the company in the late 1970s, Rob has been learning all aspects of the business, and has been conducting training seminars himself for the past 35+ years. He took over the company in the mid 1990s.

In his spare time, he loves spending time on the farm with his wife, Erin, traveling, surfing, and telling stories of his youth in Canada.

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Lisa Fricker

Sales Manager
Hazardous Materials Publishing Co.

Lisa began working with us here at HazMat part-time over 11 years ago, and became full time about 10 years ago.

Lisa enjoys camping and traveling with her husband, spending time with her children and grandchildren.


Katharine Keegan

Seminar Coordinator/Marketing Manager
Transportation Skills Programs

As of September 2017, Katharine, daughter to Rob and grandaughter to founder Bob Keegan, has been full-time with Transportation Skills Programs.

She spends most of her time reigning Rob in. She enjoys renovation and designing interiors, photography and spending time down at the beach.