FAQ's About the Seminars

Why do I need to be trained?


Periodic Training is mandatory under the DOT, EPA and OSHA Regulations.  Additionally, workers must be trained on any regulatory changes affecting their job functions as they become effective.  DOT requires training and testing every three years (49 CFR 172.700), EPA requires annual training (40 CFR Part 262 and 265.16) and OSHA requires annual training (29 CFR 1910.38(a), 1910/120(q) and 1910.1200).


Why should I attend TSP’s seminar?

TSP pioneered hazardous materials and waste management training seminars, specializing in meeting the requirements of DOT, EPA and OSHA since 1972.  You will receive not only the training required to comply with DOT, EPA and OSHA, but we are here to help you with all your continuing compliance needs.  Plus, others in your industry trust and recommend our seminars.  Click here to see what they are saying.


Will I receive certification of training?

All attendees will receive certificates of completion and training documentation for each of the areas covered – DOT, EPA and OSHA, attesting that they have completed the mandatory annual and triennial review of the hazardous materials, substances and waste management and hazard communication requirements.  These documents are requested during state and federal inspections.


Are seminar fees tax deductible?

An income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education, including registration fees, travel, meals, lodging, etc., undertaken to maintain or improve professional skills.  (See Treasury Reg. 1.162-5 Couglin vs. Commissioner, 203F. 2nd 307.)


What are your payment terms?

Registration fees for seminars are payable in advance.  Multi-person discounts are applicable only for registrations made at the same time for the same city and date.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or check.


Are substitutions or cancellations allowed?

Substitutions may be made at the time of the seminar.  All cancellations must be received at least seven (7) business days in advance of the seminar’s scheduled date.  Fees are not refundable after this time frame, but can be held as a credit for a future date.


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