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Do you have employees who need to be trained, but you can’t spare the time or money to send them out to a seminar? Do you want your employees trained in a program specifically designed for your company?



We offer an In-House Training Program that is:

  • Conducted at YOUR convenience — at a time and location of your choice.

  • Tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. Why send your group to a generic seminar when you can have one created for you?

  • Cost-effective, with a low cost per employee.

Combine In-House Training with our Schedule of Seminars

Are you thinking it will be impossible to get all your employees together for an in-house seminar, but you want the convenience & control of offering your own class? We can work with this too, by offering you an in-house for the majority of your employees, and allowing the rest to attend one of our many scheduled seminars throughout the United States. For example, say you have 50 employees requiring training. Of those, only 40 can attend your In-house seminar. You could schedule training for all 50 (and pay the low per-person In-house fee), with 40 to attend at your location and 10 to attend any of our seminars convenient to them. Or, what if some of the 40 can’t attend the In-house due to illness or an emergency at your location?  These people would also be able to receive their training at another of our seminars.  Using this combination of In-house training and our scheduled seminars, you can train all your people at the lowest cost and most convenience.  Simply call our office to discuss your training needs in advance and we will gladly discuss this training option with you.

We Work With You

We will work around your schedule and train at your facility or another location convenient to your employees.  We can work with the length of training program you want, from eight hours on up.  And the training can be conducted at the times you need.  We will create a program that specifically addresses the regulations affecting you.

We can work with you to create a seminar tailored to your specific needs. All prices are for single days and include the TSP Hazardous Materials, Substances and Wastes Compliance Kit.

Note: Instructor’s travel expenses, meeting room, lunch and breaks are the responsibility of your company. Above pricing for Compliance seminar only (includes all training materials). Additional fees apply to Train-The-Trainer and IATA courses. Call for more details.

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